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I traveled to Mexico during a Pandemic and here’s what happened....

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The planning began when my friend Casey announced her destination wedding and asked me to be her bridal makeup artist. We answered with a very enthusiastic yes. Since I was still pregnant at the time, as long as we could get childcare covered for our two kids, we knew we were going to need a break to someplace tropical. Fast forward a few months and the global pandemic impacted every part of our lives. We really were unsure during that time if the wedding would have to be postponed or relocated, but as the date grew closer and the wedding was still on, we stuck with our original plans and went. We are so glad we did!

Here are some things that made traveling during Covid a little different:

  1. Mandatory masks and social distancing are enforced in the airport, and many of the eateries and shops were closed.

  2. Slightly longer lines at the bag drop off and security checkpoints

  3. While our plane was at capacity, masks during the plane ride were mandatory

  4. When we checked into our resort we were offered a scheduled complimentary on-site Covid test so we could have our results for flying back to the US.

  5. Masks were accompanied by extra sanitation and preparedness at the resort

  6. The resort was only booked to 25% capacity. It felt very vacant and we really if ever came in close contact with any guests who were not part of our friend group.

  7. Many of our friends were already vaccinated because they were in healthcare or public service in Michigan

I’ve been asked if we get safe traveling through an airport, on a plane, and to another country during the pandemic, and I can answer this with a resounding YES. We felt comfortable every step of the way with the precautions put in place and gladly participated in the mandatory and suggested cautions to keep everyone safe.

I think during 2020 we put so much focus on masking up, sanitizing, and staying home, that we really shifted focus away from mental health and what living through a pandemic can do to your mental state. Last Spring I was suffering from a mixture of postpartum depression, seasonal depression, and lockdown depression. I was grateful that my family was safe and healthy and we did our part to stay home and help protect those around us, but I was suffering. I went on anti-depressants, but after my gym opened and I got back into a workout routine, I was able to wean off of them.

I made the decision to travel, because we needed it. After a high-risk pregnancy, and having a newborn during the lockdown, I needed to get out of the four walls of my home. I am so grateful we were able to witness our friend's beautiful wedding and we have a nice break from the stress of parenting for a couple of days.

If you are considering travel, do your research, use a travel agent to assist with booking, and enjoy yourself. If you choose not to travel, that’s okay too, but try to remember to be kind to those who are. We all had a pretty tough break in 2020 and as we move closer to immunity and the tail end of Covid, we can all use an opportunity to decompress.

Have you traveled or made plans to travel in 2021? I would love to hear your stories and feedback on your adventures!

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